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Dr. Prachi Patil is a renowned Cosmetologist in India, enriched with 14 years’ experience in Medicine. She is a Certified International trained professional in Aesthetic Medicine in India. Dr. Prachi Patil is certified to train Doctors, Dentist, Dermatologist & Plastic surgeons in India for non-invasive surgical procedures.

MBBS (Government Medical College) India, Advanced Cosmetology. (UK)


Our Complete List Of Procedures

  • Cosmetic Injection treatment
  • Laser hair removal
  • Hair fall treatment
  • Tatoo removal
  • Anti ageing and face wrinkle
  • Acne treatments
  • Dermal fillers
  • Skin whitening boosters
  • Skin tag/moles/warts
  • PRP for hair loss
  • Electrolysis
  • Treatment for excessive sweating
  • Lipo dissolve

Why Dr Prachi’s Novacutis Skin & Cosmetic Clinic?

Dr. Prachi Patil is a certified trainer of Doctors, Dentist, Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeons in Non- Invasive Surgical Procedures.

1. Highly qualified & Best cosmetologist in India.
2. Treated patients  & handled difficult cases in Major Clinics across India as an International faculty.
3. Faculty member of Allergan Institute Asia Pacific and trained leading Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons across India.
4. Cosmetic clinic with advance treatment and solutions for all skin types.
5. Over the years Dr. Prachi has improved Looks of Patients & changed their lives.
NovaCutis Clinic- Best Medical Skin & Hair Specialist | Body, Hair & Skin

 Renowned Cosmetologist in India – Dr. Prachi Patil

Aesthetics is the art and appreciation of beauty. Modern cosmetology is the practise of systematic, scientific principles. Dr Prachi Patil, who specialises in skin and hair care, is the best cosmetologist in India. She applies medical knowledge of skin and hair with aplomb. The most apt treatments are assured to suit your specific requirements. Dr. Prachi Patil is an Expert on Cosmetic injections and Anti Ageing. Dr. Prachi’s is a Faculty Member of Allergan Institute and certified trainer of Doctors, Dentist & Dermatologist in India.She has advised & treated celebrities, models and Actors for their Skin problems. Experience the hands of Expert today

At the clinic, we offer customized care to treat acne and unwanted hair.

The finest laser techniques are employed to remove hair and tattoos. Unwanted strands are removed from face, neck, and limbs. The bikini line, stomach, and thighs will also be smooth and hairless. You will walk out of the clinic with a new and confident personality.

We assure this with technical study and effective remedies. Drop in at the clinic, and experience our high quality beauty services. Feel free to share all your skin and hair problems with us.

The renowned cosmetologist leaves nothing to chance. She will treat you with utmost care after getting all the facts. Your skin condition and hair type are carefully observed. An error free, safe, and cutting edge treatment is guaranteed!

Our top aesthetic clinic in India mixes traditional and modern cures to good effect. When you consult, make a point to share all the facts. This will ensure perfect analysis, accurate diagnosis, and efficient cure.

Be transparent and express your beauty and aging concerns. Our cosmetic experts have the skills and experience to resolve all the problems.

We offer precision treatments for skin sagging and dark circles. Maximise your beauty with our facials, peels, and filler treatments. We deliver top class therapeutic care to rejuvenate the skin, eyes, face, hands and feet.

Get the Dream Look you deserve by consulting from the Best Aesthetic Clinic in India- Dr. Prachi’s NovaCutis Skin & Cosmetic Clinic     

What is Beauty? This is a hard question and there are no easy answers. We define it as a combination of healthy skin, smooth face, and glowing appearance. Physical beauty is not just skin deep. It has a powerful impact on your psychology and social relations. Grooming and beauty treatments also make you feel pleasant and satisfied.

Call our best aesthetic clinic in India, and book an appointment today. Enjoy all these benefits and more!

Cosmetology is not just about superficial skin care and hair removal. The skin has many layers and connective tissue. The hair follicles protrude out everywhere, and you feel the discomfort and stress. Rely on our professional edge, and drive these worries away in a permanent manner. Whether it is skin whitening or wrinkle problems, we offer cutting edge techniques. Our clinic is well maintained, and the staff are courteous, kind, and considerate.

A beautiful face and glowing skin is a much desired quality. You will look good, and others will feel happy to see you. Smooth skin and blemish free face is attractive, and you will be the life of a party. Think of our top cosmetologist in India, for special occasions and rejuvenating care. However, do not neglect regular skin maintenance and a healthy attitude.

Our professional services include acne scar treatment, non-surgical face lifts, and body sculpting. We also offer reliable and customized aesthetic care for men and women.

If you are looking for a cosmetologist in Mumbai then you are at the right place.

Cosmetologist in India


Visit our clinic and get the right perspective of the surgeries we perform


COVID 19 Safety Measures  at NovaCutis Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

In addition to continuing our mission of providing the very best care by the best doctors for our patients, our other highest priority is to maintain an environment in our clinic that is as safe as possible for our patients, visitors, and medical staff. We would like you to know that we have already implemented several steps to do this.

Our COVID 19 safety measures will evolve as circumstances change. As of June 1, 2020, they include:

In-Clinic Safety Gears: All of the Staff wears Safety Gears and we also provide these safety gears to the patients.

1) Screening of  Patients

We have a special screening of patient on Telephone at the time of fixing up an appointment and in the waiting rooms of our clinic to increase awareness of the cardinal symptoms of COVID 19 infection, including fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing. This special screening mandates that everyone with any of those symptoms should return home and call us to reschedule their appointments. Likewise, we screen patients for travel history or visit or stay in the containment zones. We do not allow such patients to visit our Clinic, till they complete their mandatory 14 days quarantine period.

2) Pre-screening  on  Phone

Notification of these pre-screening processes (noted above) is happening during the scheduling process so there are no surprises for our patients when they come to their appointments.

3) Temperature  Checks

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID 19 infection. Because of that, everyone coming to our clinics will be screened by having their temperature taken with a no-touch thermometer. This starts with our staff—all of them have their temperature checked at the start of the workday. Our patients and any other visitors to our clinic will also have their temperature checked. In the unlikely event that we identify any individual with a fever, they will leave the clinic.

4) Sanitization

We have always worked to maintain one of the cleanest and most sanitised clinics in the region. Currently, we are aggressively sanitizing areas in our clinic throughout the day above and beyond our norm to further minimize risks.

5) Expectations  of  our  Staff

If any of our staff have potential or certain exposure to COVID 19, they will not return to work until the appropriate time-that is when self-quarantine has ended, or they are no longer contagious. Additionally, any staff who have signs or symptoms of COVID 19 infection will likewise not return to work until they are no longer contagious.

6) Handshaking Vs  Namaste

At NovaCutis Clinic, we have created a culture whereby we treat each patient as a member of our family. An essential part of that culture is the custom of a welcoming handshake. In the current environment—where we are striving to have the safest, cleanest, most sanitised skin practice in the area—we have decided to transition away from the warm handshake to the “Cool Namaste.”

7) Additional Measures

You will notice some additional temporary changes in our waiting rooms. We have removed all casual items from these areas that cannot be sanitized and potentially could pose a transmission hazard, including magazines and books, etc. We are also asking that any patients limit the number of guests that may accompany them to their appointment.

We feel ready to work through the obvious and unpredictable challenges that are coming. We also hope for the best and safest outcome for all our staff, patients, and the greater community.

If we may be of any further assistance, please Contact US to schedule a consultation in NovaCutis Clinic.