Benefits Of PRP Treatment For Hair Loss & Hair Transplantation

Best Treatment For Hair Loss

Benefits Of PRP Treatment For Hair Loss & Hair Transplantation

Hair Loss And Transplant Surgeries

Lush, dark, and flowing hair is a sign of youthful vitality and beauty. The normal hairs follow a natural cycle in which they fall off and grow back. But, Hair loss becomes serious when there is a thinning pattern or scalp disease. Both men and women are susceptible to this problem, and there are many types of treatments.

Cosmetic specialists have the following advice for those who are staring at baldness –

  1. Take good hair care and track the progress of hair thinning. Consult an expert who can evaluate the loss and prescribe effective remedies.
  2. The cosmetician examines the hair and performs a tug and pull test. She also performs more advanced diagnostic tests to confirm a chronic disorder.
  3. Doctors prescribe a specific therapy based on patient’s condition and needs. The remedies include cosmetics, medicines, hair transplant surgery, and PRP treatment.
  4. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and it is found in human blood. The doctor takes out some of the patient’s blood, processes it, and then injects it back into the scalp.

Numerous Benefits Of PRP Therapy:

PRP treatment is a very safe procedure that is done on both men and women. This innovative method is quite revolutionary and it has innumerable benefits:-


  • Simplicity

This is a safe, simple, and straightforward treatment for hair loss. It can also be prescribed for those who already had a hair transplant surgery. Those who plan to have a transplant in the future can also receive this treatment first. The processed blood platelets have many essential cells for rejuvenating the tissue and skin.


  • Trustworthiness

The patient’s own blood is taken out by the surgeon using a syringe. There is no fear of contamination and patient’s do not contract any disease or illness. A sophisticated machine known as centrifuge is used to process the blood. It rotates rapidly and separates the necessary plasma-rich fluid in an accurate manner.


  • Convenience

The cosmetician and patient can agree upon a convenient date for treatment. The session does not take too much time either ( approx. 45 to 60 minutes). There is no fear of pain, bleeding, or any other risk or complication. This is a non-surgical procedure that is very similar to a blood test at the diagnostic centre.


  • Flexibility

Anyone can undergo the PRP therapy as there are no restrictions. Both women and men can get overcome their hair thinning problems or baldness respectively. The doctor uses a special micro-needle while injecting the blood into the scalp. A topical anaesthesia may be given to those who have an excessive fear of pain or anxiety. The flexible method is also effective in stimulating the growth of implanted hair follicles.


  • Recovery Time

Patients are generally treated by the doctor at the outpatient facility of the clinic. They can resume their daily chores or professional work without any delay. The reliable treatment benefits in the form of younger, healthier, and denser hair growth.


  • Versatility

PRP therapy is not restricted to hair loss or transplant patients only. Doctors also rely on PRP for treating injuries, strains, sprains, knee and joint pains(arthritis).

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