Botox for Migrane

Migrane Management with BOTOX®

Migraines are extreme headaches that can cause nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. Any kind of anxiety, stress, exposure to light, caffeine, alcohol, hunger, or hormonal changes (ie. during pregnancy and peri-menstrual), and sleeplessness can prompt this type of severe headache.

Chronic Migraine sufferers experience many symptoms which include:

  • Intense, sometimes throbbing or pulsing headache pain
  • Nausea and/or vomiting when headaches occur
  • Sensitivity to light and/or sound that increases the pain
  • Aggravated by routine physical activity, e.g. walking or climbing stairs

Because sufferers have lived with severe headaches for so long, it is difficult for many of them to remember what not having a headache feels like. Even during their good days, sufferers are often consumed with worry about when the next headache will strike. As a result many Chronic Migraine sufferers are affected socially, economically and may also deal with depression, anxiety and other chronic pain.

But now with the help of BOTOX – migraine sufferers need not suffer anymore!

How does BOTOX® treat Chronic Migraine?

BOTOX® is FDA approved and classified as a treatment for the prevention (prophylaxis) of headache in adults with Chronic Migraine. BOTOX® treatment can also be combined with acute medications to treat breakthrough attacks.


Although the exact method of action in Chronic Migraine is not known, studies have shown that BOTOX® blocks the release of these neurotransmitters that signal the start and progression of pain in the brain. By limiting the release of these substances, BOTOX® reduces the number and severity of migraines that patients experience each month.

How does BOTOX® treatment work?

BOTOX® treatment consists of a series of superficial, low-volume injections, performed by a doctor trained in BOTOX® Migraine Management and the injecting of seven specific muscle groups in the head and neck area. The total procedure time is about 15 minutes and the you can go home immediately afterwards. Each BOTOX® treatment lasts up to 3 months. If you respond to the

BOTOX® treatment, you should expect to feel significant relief in the first month after treatment and further improvement after two treatments. BOTOX® should also be part of a treatment strategy. Other therapies are still important, including behavioral modifications (avoiding headache triggers, getting enough sleep, managing stress, etc). Patients should work closely with their doctors to set goals and determine a complete treatment strategy.