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Welcome to  Dr Prachi’s Novacutis Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

We make you Look and Feel Good

Dr. Prachi’s NovaCutis Skin & Cosmetic Clinic is a Boutique Aesthetic Clinic located in Andheri, Mumbai , We provide a comprehensive range of FDA-approved medical aesthetic treatments which have minimal or no downtime. These include laser skin treatments, hair care, non-surgical facelifts, fillers, facials, non-invasive body contouring and skincare products for both women and men.

At Dr. Prachi’s Novacutis Clinic, our passion is to help you look and feel good, by formulating and customising effective medical aesthetic treatments that meet your needs. Step into DR. PRACHI’S NOVACUTIS CLINIC with peace of mind, knowing that you are in the safe and professional hands of our doctors and nurses, who are trained to use some of the latest advanced technology in cosmetic medicine.

– We believe in building a lifelong relationship with you
– We cater to your beauty needs at every stage and milestone in your life

Dr. Prachi Patil

MBBS (Government Medical College) India, Advanced Dip.in Cosmetology. (UK)

Dr. Prachi Patil is a renowned Cosmetologist in India, enriched with 14 years’ experience in Medicine. She is a Certified International trained professional in Aesthetic Medicine in India. She is a faculty member of AMI (Allergan Medical Institute) which is based in Kualalampur. Dr. Prachi is certified to train Doctors, Dentist, Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons in India. Over the years she has travel length and breadth of the country to train the doctors. She believes Cosmetology deals more with Emotions and well-being of the person undertaking the aesthetic treatment than just looking good and youthful. As it is more as an integrated holistic approach towards cosmetic procedures

She has attained certificates of competency in administering dermal fillers, chemical peels, and performing laser treatments for hair removal, fractional skin resurfacing, and intense pulsed light, among others. She continues to further herself in overseas conferences and workshops to keep up with the latest advances in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Prachi Patil’s special interest is in lasers, botox and fillers. Worked as a Consultant &Trainer with renowned institutions in Beauty like Lakme Training Academy.  As an Expert on Health Channel for skin care tips. Worked in an NGO for Women’s & Children health in Mumbai.

Dr. Prachi Patil loves interacting with her patients, providing them with an honest opinion and sharing skincare tips with them. In her free time, Dr Prachi enjoys spending time with her family and delights in watching her son grow and learn.

Join us on our DR. PRACHI’S NOVACUTIS CLINIC experience, and partner us as we bring out the best in you.

Our Philosophy

At Dr. Prachi’s Novacutis clinic, we believe in the endless pursuit of beauty, to help our clients and patients look and feel good. Dr. Prachi’s Novacutis clinic offers medically-proven solutions to help you attain a flawless complexion and the figure you aspire to have.


We believe that as a medical provider, we should first and foremost, do no harm (Primum non nocere). We will always strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics and morality


We believe in offering safe medical procedures with minimal risks and downtime


We believe in providing our patients with a private and comfortable environment in which they can enjoy their aesthetic treatments.

Patient Confidentiality

At Dr. PRachi’s Novacutis clinic,  we treat all patient-related information with absolute confidentiality.


We aim to deliver optimal results by tailoring our treatment protocols to individual patients /skin types.

What makes us different


Both your consultation and treatment are personally carried out by Dr. Prachi Patil. She is a fully qualified cosmetic doctor with extensive knowledge in facial anatomy and practical experience of achieving beautiful yet natural results. Dr. Prachi Patil has trained extensively in Europe and Asia.

We believe in the importance of a strong doctor-patient relationship. At Dr. Prachi’s NovaCutis Clinic, both your consultation and treatment will be carried out by Dr. Prachi Patil. As a consequence, she will understand your individual needs.


Our cosmetic doctor, Dr. Prachi Patil is widely recognised as the industry’s expert. She is a national and international trainer and guest speaker on advanced facial aesthetics treatments. She is sought after by manufacturers of different technologies, products and procedures for her advice, technical expertise and knowledge.


The level of information we give you & our follow up systems to ensure you are satisfied with the results.


If it can’t be done, we will tell you. If it can, we will explain the options and help you make the right decision.



We use only market leading brands in the country with the strongest clinical evidence.


What you do after the procedure is as important as the procedure itself. We will guide you through this period and constantly monitor your progress.


Our convenient opening hours are Monday to Saturday 8:30am – *8:30pm and from 9am – 2pm on Sundays


Our cosmetic doctor, Dr. Prachi Patil, is widely recognised as the industry’s expert. She is a fully qualified cosmetic doctor with extensive knowledge in facial anatomy and has trained extensively in Europe and Asia. She is well known for her methods of achieving beautiful yet natural cosmetic results with minimal pain, bruising and down time. Dr. Prachi Patil is one of the top cosmetic doctors in Mumbai and has trained some well-known doctors who now treat many world famous celebrities.