International Patients

International Patient

India is one of the most prominent destinations all around the world for medical treatment. Dr. Prachi’s NovaCutis Skin Clinic is a centrally located institution for specialized treatments and complicated surgeries like cosmetic surgery.

Have you ever imagined what makes India the best option to get cosmetic procedures done? Let us delve into the reasons that make India the best place for getting medical help, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery:

  • You get top notch services at affordable price
  • Well qualified and credentialed doctors
  • Experience the convenience customized services

It’s not only about the services and care the country offers,  but also about the growing trends that have made people consider it not only the first but the only best option. As per the estimated figures, almost 1.7 lakh of foreigners fly to the country in search of professional cosmetic treatments each year. They are waiting to get the best health care and cosmetic care services.

In India, special attention is given to ensure international patients feel at home. The country provides better attention and opportunities at limited costs.  These special packages include:

  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Advanced treatment packages
  • Pick and drop from the airport
  • Hotel reservations
  • A separate lounge for International patients
  • Preference of International cuisine offered
  • Choice in international cuisine
  • Accessibility to international newspapers and internet access
  • Follow up assistance

Why Dr. Prachi’s NovaCutis Skin Clinic

Dr. Prachi’s NovaCutis Skin Clinic is a premium aesthetic center that provides
the best cosmetic surgery in India. This venture has turned
out to be nothing short of a miracle for many of our
Indian and International patients. We are a proud provider
of more than 50 services related to Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery,
Cosmetic treatments and Cosmetic Dentistry…

Why India

A country with young and talented hands, skilled
and professional minds and extremely devoted doctors,
India is the finest place in the world for medical tourism.

Patient Assistance

We deeply value our international guests. We support to help you
to have an easy travel and stay. We assist in airport pickup,
seamless communication with majority of English speaking
professionals and other medical bookings, estimates of the
treatments needed, help with the FRRO, booking
hotels or private comfortable stays post surgeries.

Billing & Payments

We maintain transparency in our cost quotes, billing and
payments. We offer competitive pricing for cosmetic
procedures, as compared to treatments elsewhere.