OxyGeneo+ 3 in 1 Facial Treatment in Mumbai, India By Renowned Cosmetologist Dr Prachi Patil

Designed with the professional aesthetic in mind, QM-GeneO+ combines new patented OxyGeneo+ technology with renowned TriPollar technology.

QM-GeneO+ provides top-quality skin nutrition and oxygenation along with clinically proven anti-aging results.

The combination of TriPollar RF and OxyGeneo+ improves skin quality both at the epidermis and dermis layers offering long-term results.

2)Working principle

  1.  OxyGeneo+  instrument  unique deep  cleansing oxygen  head consists of sodium
    bicarbonate and citric acid composition, the gel contains natural unique active ingredients. When the deep cleansing aerobic head and nutrient-rich gel are in contact with the skin surface, the chemical reaction between the two can generate a large amount of carbon dioxide. The frequency and amplitude of vibration of the aerobic hand grips are specially designed to generate power to maximize chemical production Reaction, and then generate a lot of carbon dioxide.
  2. In a carbon dioxide-rich, weakly acidic environment, the phenomenon of increased oxygen in the skin’s tissue structure is called the Bohr effect. Through the rich carbon dioxide weak acid environment and the injection of active ingredients, while skin cells automatically generate oxygen and newborn. “Boer Effect” can: enhance blood circulation, increase the oxygen content in the blood, accelerate skin cell metabolism. 
  3. OxyGeneo+ technologyNatural hot springs have been known through the ages for their therapeutic benefits, allowing minerals to be effectively absorbed through the skin to revitalize body cells. Alike the natural hot springs result, OxyGeneo+ is the world’s first technology that remarkably enhances the absorption and optimal utilization of nutrients by the skin using our unique Capsugen and specialized Gels.
  4. OxyGeneo+  instrument  before and after  the treatment of contrast,  whether it is the smoothness of the skin, subcutaneous tissue compactness, or the repair of elastic fibers, have been immediate improvement.

Use efficacy


Mainly through the subcutaneous specific depth, skin and skin cells in the skin to produce high-speed vibration, and thus

Quickly heat the tissue. Increased temperature promotes the catabolism of subcutaneous fat and stimulates the proliferation and reorganization of collagen and elastic fibers to achieve the effect of tightening the skin and shaping the face.

1) Pull and tighten the cheeks

2) to improve the chin lines, reducing puppet pattern

3) improve skin texture, skin delicate, shiny

4) remove the neck, to prevent neck aging

5) improve skin elasticity and contouring

6) tighten the forehead skin and enhance eyebrow lines

7) eliminate the forehead, eyes, lips wrinkles around

Instrument Advantage & characteristic

QM-GeneO+ radio frequency technology to overcome the laser or photon (radio wave skin) on the organization’s two deficiencies: penetration depth is not enough, and epidermal basal layer of pigment cells barrier, is the ideal skin tissue heating technology.

  1. High-tech beauty
  2. Wrinkle shaping, dual effect: a certain depth under the skin so that skin and skin cells in skin
    tissue produce high-speed vibration, so that the rapid heating tissue. Increasing temperature

promotes the catabolism of subcutaneous fat and stimulates the proliferation and reorganization
of collagen and elastic fibers to achieve the effect of removing wrinkles, tightening the skin and

  1. Noninvasive and painless, safe and comfortable: with a ring electrode, to ensure uniform skin
    heat, RF penetration depth control.
  2. Significant effect, lasting effect: Suitable for all parts of the wrinkles, wrinkles can be used for face
    and neck skin, face-lift, to double chin. Replenishment bubbler radio frequency on the collagen layer heating, collagen fibers can shrink, the effect is obvious, the dermal collagen continues to proliferate after treatment.
  1. The treatment is simple, lunch-style treatment: According to the size of the treatment of the skin
    area, Hanoi bubble radiofrequency treatment takes about 40 minutes, Do not need to rest after treatment can be normal work.
  1.  No trace: non-invasive non-invasive skin beauty treatment, will not leave any wound on the skin
    surface, wrinkles, lipolysis while tightening the skin, the skin becomes more smooth and moist,like a newborn.

Characteristic: Plastic skin without any harm to the technology.

Adaptation disease

1). Skin wrinkles of the crowd:

Face crowded with crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, neck lines, abdomen have pregnant Chen pattern and thigh fat pattern and other wrinkles of the crowd;

2) Skin aging, relaxation, sagging people:

Palate loose, with double chin, drooping eyes, Mei Wei drooping crowd;

3) Skin loose, bloated crowd:

Facial skin relaxation, abdomen, arm fat people.

  1. To improve eye fine lines
  2. Enhance the firm, smooth skin
  3. Bright white, lighter stains
  4. Improve skin texture, brighten skin tone