Why Cryolipolysis Is Better Than Liposuction

Why Cryolipolysis Is Better Than Liposuction

Why Cryolipolysis Is Better Than Liposuction

Fat Reduction Techniques

Dense deposits of fat accumulate in various areas of the body. The face, torso, thighs, and hips become unattractive. Patients who desire an appealing personality chose fat removal techniques. There are various methods for different types of fat looking patients. The liposuction surgery is very popular around the world. It is projected as an ideal solution for reducing lipocytes to improve physical shape.

However, More advanced treatments have made their way into the market. In recent times,  Cryolipolysis has become quite a rage in the cosmetic healthcare industry. This is a non-invasive, fat freezing technique.

The experts claim that the method not only contours but also sculpts the body. The patient, after some sessions, walks out with a stunning physique. He or she also becomes more sociable, and confident in the mind.

Why Is Cryolipolysis More Efficient?

Plastic surgeons have in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. They also identify aesthetic flaws and correct them using efficient techniques.

Patients differ from one another in physical and mental terms. Their expectations also vary to a great degree as do their sense of beauty and self-confidence. So, The doctor prescribes unique remedies based on careful assessment during consultations.

Scientists have accidentally discovered the positive effects of cold on fat cells. If controlled cooling is applied on the fatty areas, then the fat cells die. The body naturally eliminates these dead cells over a period of time.

The patient can observe remarkable changes including a sculpted look with well defined contours.

  • Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires incisions or cuts. The patients are also injected with painkillers and sedatives. Cryolipolysis is non-invasive and surgeons do not even administer anaesthesia.
  • If more areas are treated on the body, then liposuction becomes more complex. But in coolsculpting (trademarked cryolipolysis) specialized massage treats the fatty areas.
  • The lipocytes are sucked out using a cannula or tube in traditional surgeries. The fat is also loosened and patients experience pain(or bleeding). But in fat freezing methods there is very little discomfort as tissue becomes numb.
  • Since liposuction involves incisions or cuts, Patients have anxiety and fear. But in cooling techniques the sculpting machine only results in tissue tenderness.
  • Invasive surgeries are tedious and surgeons advise a single session treatment. But cool sculptors do not have similar concerns or worries. They advise the patient to attend multiple sessions for achieving the best outcomes.
  • There are different lipo techniques and patients have a great choice. Some of these methods work well along with tummy tuck procedures. But coolsculpting is the ideal choice if patient has smaller fatty deposits on the body.
  • Surgery is not liked by everyone as there are needles, knives and medicines. In contrast, Cryolipolysis involves a disposable gel pad, and a sophisticated machine with base, suction, and cooling head.
  • The surgeon uses the cooling machine with or without suction treatment. But in liposuction techniques, fat cells have to be removed from the body(except laser).

The costs vary and depend on number of sessions and patient’s expectations. Large volume fat removal surgery is also performed in one session. But coolsculpting can be planned for efficiently removing less fat per each session.

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